Monthly Archives: January 2013

Morning is a Promise

In Asia we pretty much NEVER get any breakfast included at our hotels but this week we do 🙂
It is soo soo good! They have a huge buffé with a little of everything(and lots of asan food you don´t really feel like eating in the morning). My favourite is the coffee machine that made me capuccino ♡

Out my hotel window this week.

I really want to buy a nice coffee machine when I get home in three weeks but
I´m not sure which one to get?

Somewhere in Asia.

This morning we left Hong Kong and came back to Taiwan. Got lost  in the city trying to find the grocery store. Got help from a group of school kids and one of the girls even offered to pay our bus ticket while she showed us the way! We payed her back 🙂
I found my favourite Japanese shampoo in the store. We took a taxi back. Now I´m off to bed.

Goodnight my lovely readers..

Back in Taiwan!

Just got back from the airport!

It´s beutiful sunny weather and today´s plan will be to hit the grocery store to start with 🙂

Hong Kong was amazing and me and Althéa had a great time 🙂
As you can see the hotel room is huuge! Me likey ♡