Star Ferry – Hong Kong

The Star Ferry is a great public transportation when you want to get over from Hong Kong to Kowloon, or the other way around, Kowloon –> Hong Kong. It only costs 2 or 2,80 Hong Kong Dollar(one way) which is the amount of 2,30 SEK or 36 Cents(USD). It´s nice because it´s a pretty view and goes fast and you get off right where the harbour walk starts for Avenue Of Stars 🙂

The only “pretty” boat we saw during our stay in Hong Kong was this one. I kept looking for the really pretty ones with red sails but I´m pretty sure they didn´t have any of these out during this season..

Duk Ling Junk Boat – Hong Kong, Pic 1: –> Source <–, Picture 2: –> Source <–

One evening we missed the last ferry and found out we could take the subway(which goes under the water to the other island) too! It´s a little bit more expensive(7 Hong Kong Dollar or so..) and you do need to walk around a lot underground to actually get out of there.
But good if you want to stay out later then 11 PM when the ferry stops running 🙂