At Taman Safari

Felt a little bit like we were at the “Jurassic Park” because we drove around in a car on a road where animals were walking loose right on the streets and came up to the cars! Really cool 🙂

On our way to the safari..

“Hey guys check out those hot chicks behind us!”

On our way up we bought carrots from little market stands to feed the animals at the safari with!
Jon looks like Roger Rabbit..

My favourites!! 😀

We tried to throw carrots to the elephants but they always missed catching them or they landed on their heads and bounced right of of them again 😛 Credit for trying at least!

These animals were not shy and peeked their whole heads into the car!

This is how close you got to the animals..

Me and my lovely white Tiger <3 Can we keep her? 🙂

So we came to take pictures of/with the animals.

The Indonesian people wanted to take pictures with us 😀
Me and my new best friend!!!

This is by far the best Safari/Zoo experinece I´ve ever had and I warmly recommend it to anyone ever beeing in Indonesia! I´ve never gotten this close to wild animals before and they seemed really free and happy compared to what you usually experience in a Zoo.