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Chineese Market Gates

We thought this was called “The Chineese Market Gates” but it was more of a temple and definately not quite what we expected.

I´m pretty sure we came on a “Prayer Day” because this place was swamped with people running around, praying with burning scents(Rökelse).

Scents can smell really good in singular but hundreds of them at the same time is pretty intense..

A small Chineese market outside of the temple. Kind of not the market we expected 🙂

Star Ferry – Hong Kong

The Star Ferry is a great public transportation when you want to get over from Hong Kong to Kowloon, or the other way around, Kowloon –> Hong Kong. It only costs 2 or 2,80 Hong Kong Dollar(one way) which is the amount of 2,30 SEK or 36 Cents(USD). It´s nice because it´s a pretty view and goes fast and you get off right where the harbour walk starts for Avenue Of Stars 🙂

The only “pretty” boat we saw during our stay in Hong Kong was this one. I kept looking for the really pretty ones with red sails but I´m pretty sure they didn´t have any of these out during this season..

Duk Ling Junk Boat – Hong Kong, Pic 1: –> Source <–, Picture 2: –> Source <–

One evening we missed the last ferry and found out we could take the subway(which goes under the water to the other island) too! It´s a little bit more expensive(7 Hong Kong Dollar or so..) and you do need to walk around a lot underground to actually get out of there.
But good if you want to stay out later then 11 PM when the ferry stops running 🙂

Somewhere in Asia.

This morning we left Hong Kong and came back to Taiwan. Got lost  in the city trying to find the grocery store. Got help from a group of school kids and one of the girls even offered to pay our bus ticket while she showed us the way! We payed her back 🙂
I found my favourite Japanese shampoo in the store. We took a taxi back. Now I´m off to bed.

Goodnight my lovely readers..

One Night In Hong Kong ♡

Har så mycket foton jag vill lägga upp men måste gå och lägga mig nu eftersom vi ska upp tidigt imorgon och flyga tillbaka till Taiwan 🙂

Igårnatt gick vi ut och kollade in klubblivet här i Soho(nära där vårt hotell ligger!). Var helt okej och vi hade en bra utekväll med ett gäng Australienare som vi träffade på en bar tidigare under kvällen.
De tog oss till en klubb där de köpte jello shots till oss hela tiden och de var så himla starka ;P
Jag tycker inte om “spritsmak” så tyckte inte om dem särskilt mycket iiisch.

De kom i stora plastsprutor och var super starka!
Till vänster i bilden ser ni en av killarna vi var ute med 🙂

Nu dags att nanna. Puss på er!